Online Gambling in Tennessee Overview

Tennessee has been known to be an anti-gambling state. It’s one of the most gambling restrictive states in the USA. There are no state-licensed and regulated casinos, and the citizens of Tennessee weren’t allowed any form of gambling, not even online gambling. Luckily, in May 2019, online sports betting became legal and Tennessee. People were allowed to bet on lottery games, daily fantasy sports, horse races, and even some charity gambling. In addition, slots and other entertaining casino games also became available for Tennessee residents and visitors. The sweepstakes online casinos in Tennessee that offer these games are licensed and regulated by the government, making it 100% legal to use them.

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Tennessee Online Gambling Laws

tennessee online gambling lawsGambling online in USA has been legal since 2013. Online gambling in TN is not legal, but since 2019, sports betting has become legal in Tennessee. To bet, you need to be over 21 years old. On the other hand, charitable raffles, horse betting, and lottery games allow betting if you’re at least 18. The online sportsbooks will confirm your age before allowing you to place a bet. Players will be asked for their date of birth and partial Social Security number to verify their age.

The Tennessee Education Lottery initially oversaw the online gambling in Tennessee, but from January 2022, all the online gambling Tennessee will be controlled by the Sports Wagering Advisory Council.

Legal Gambling Activities

online gambling legal in tennesseeThe state of Tennessee and online gambling are finally joining to offer great entertainment. Tennessee residents can enjoy sports betting, social and sweepstakes casino games, poker, and lottery. There may not be many games available like other online casinos sites, but the entertainment is guaranteed.

  • Tennessee online sports gambling

Most sport betting casinos are available in-app or directly accessed through the browser. Players can choose live betting, betting on underway games, or cash-out betting, an option that allows players to redeem a bet early. Depositing can be done with debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, but credit cards are not allowed.

  • Social and Sweepstakes casino games

Social and sweepstakes casinos in Tennessee are the closest to actual online casinos USA. Players don’t risk losing any money, and playing the games in this type of casino is legal. Social casinos use virtual currencies that can be used to make a deposit on games. The virtual currency doesn’t have any monetary value, so players can’t win real money since real money is not used. These types of casinos are mainly for entertainment and fun.

  • Poker

Online poker is only legal to play in social and sweepstake casinos. There are no Tennessee online gambling legal sites that allow online poker for real money.

  • Lottery

The lottery offers instant and drawing-style games. The drawing style games are where the computer chooses a series of numbers. If those numbers get drawn, you win! Instant games, commonly known as scratch-offs, let you know if you’ve won something instantly. Players must be older than 18 to play.

Best Tennessee Online Gambling Sites

online gambling tennesseeAs we already mentioned, only social and sweepstakes online casino sites are available in Tennessee. The best Tennessee online gambling sites or social casinos are :

  • Chumba: this casino offers more than 70 games, including a progressive jackpot, slots, and table games. Chumba offers jacks or blackjack, video poker, and American roulette for table games lovers.
  • Funzpoins: The perfect site for slot lovers. This social casino offers only slots games and one keno game. The RTP of the slot games is 96.5%, which is incredible. This casino doesn’t offer poker, blackjack, roulette, or live dealer games.
  • LuckyLand: This social casino is also only focused on slot games. More than 30 slots games are available, and some even offer progressive jackpots. Recently, the casino introduced instant win games and scratchers.

Online Sports Gambling in Tennessee

online sports gambling tennesseeTennessee allows betting on all the major pro and college sports, even games where Tennessee teams play. There are various sports that players are allowed to bet on: boxing, motorsports, golf, tennis, soccer, mixed martial arts, and even international sports. Unfortunately, Tennessee gambling online players are not allowed to place propositional bets on college sports.
The best online sports gambling Tennessee sites are BetMGM, DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook, and Unibet.

Responsible Gambling

Although gambling is entertaining, it can be addictive, and players must practice responsible gambling. If you experience gambling addiction, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

People addicted to gambling can try:

  • Therapy: cognitive-behavioral and behavioral therapy can help with this problem. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help you identify your unhealthy problem and teach you to replace it with healthy things. Behavior therapy will teach you how to reduce your urge to gamble.
  • Medications: Sometimes, mood stabilizers can help with compulsive gambling. Some medications commonly used to treat substance abuse can help treat compulsive gambling.
  • Self-help groups: Self-help groups are the best way to cope with your gambling addiction. Sharing your problems with people who have the same problems can help you overcome many issues. Many self-help groups, such as Gamblers Anonymous, can help.


✔️ What kind of gambling is legal in TN?
Tennesse residents and visitors can legally gamble in social and sweepstake casinos, playing games using virtual money. The games found in the best online gambling Tennessee social casinos include slots, table games, poker, and keno. Sportsbetting and lottery are also legal.
✅ What is the legal gambling age?
If you’re gambling online in Tennessee, you must be over 21 years old for sports betting and social casinos. Horse betting and lottery are allowed for people aged 18 and up. Online sportsbooks ask players to confirm their age, so you’ll be asked to give out a partial Social Security Number to confirm your age.
✔️ Is online gambling legal in Tennessee?
Tennessee legalized online gambling in 2020. Don’t forget that you can legally gamble in social and sweepstakes casinos. Gambling in other types of online casinos can be considered a felony.
✅ Is online slot gambling legal in Tennesse?
Online slot gambling is only legal in social and sweepstakes casinos. If you want to play slots and enjoy the entertainment legally, try the online gambling sites in Tennessee: Chumba Casino, Fanzpoints, and LuckyLand casinos.
✔️ How much revenue does online gambling bring to Tennessee?
Tennessee Education Lottery requires sportsbooks to give a 20% sports betting privilege tax. The state got $510,000 in tax revenue once sports betting was legalized within eight days. In the first year of legalizing sports betting, the state of Tennessee received $35.5 million. 80% of the tax revenue goes to The Tennessee Education Lottery’s Lottery for Education, an organization that funds scholarships.
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