Best DFS Sites 2024

Daily fantasy sports are a fun and dynamic way to gamble, by using your knowledge and team-building strategy. It is available on top online sports betting websites in the US and it is a popular hobby among young and middle-aged gamblers. It is not regulated like other gambling activities so new DFS sites are likely to pop up in the years to come. Here we will explain this hobby in detail, talk about the top DFS sites by players and discuss where you can legally access this content.

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What are Daily Fantasy Sports Sites (DFS)?

top dfs sitesThese websites or apps are a relatively new way to compete in virtual sports. The idea is that players can create their own team of athletes with a set budget or salary cap, and that have that team compete against another player. The outcome is calculated by an algorithm, and you can create a new team every day or every week.

DFS sites with the highest traffic give you all the tools and explanations on how to participate. You get access to statistics and even tips for crafting your own dream team. Since these competitions involve strategy they aren’t viewed and regulated in the same way as other gambling content.

Which States Allow DFS Betting Sites?

dfs sites usaUnlike other gambling content, the best daily NFL fantasy sports sites are almost legal everywhere in the US. Even in places like New York where online casinos are illegal. To those who wonder if there are any DFS sites allowing New York users to play, the answer is yes. All of the old and the newest daily fantasy sports sites accept New York players. If you want to know about online casinos you can check the list of online gambling sites and the names of states where they are legal.

There are several states where this content is not legal though:

  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • Hawaii

It’s also worth pointing out that certain operators aren’t available in every state where DFS is legal. Always check the terms and reviews to see if the app or website you want to play on, accepts the users from your state.

Top DFS Sites

DFS operators often provide additional games and even host a sportsbook. However, when creating our list of DFS sites we exclusively focused on the evaluation fantasy sports option. You can look at the top NJ legal gambling sites if you wish to learn about the best sportsbook and casino sites in general.


draftkings casino usaOne of the best NFL DFS sites that really made this hobby blow up in the US. DraftKings has been around since 2012, and they have improved significantly since launch. They have a solid selection of daily fantasy contests, an array of bonuses, and even guaranteed prizes. There is a detailed DraftKings online casino review where you can learn more about the operator, its promotions, and other games they host. It’s available in all states, but you can’t place bets or access casino games in states where that content isn’t legal.


fanduel casino onlineDraftKings and FanDuel are considered the best DFS football sites in the US, and they used to be competitors. There were even announcements of the merger of these two companies, and then it was seemingly called off, only for the talks to resurface again.

Much like DraftKings, this operator also provides sports betting and casino games. Once again you can consult the Fanduel online casino review to learn more about this operator. FanDuel also goes for one of the gambling sites with the most generous and fair bonuses. So, if you are a new player this could be a perfect choice. Bear in mind though that most of the DFS veterans and pros are on FanDuel, so from that perspective, it isn’t really beginner friendly.


This is one of the top California DFS sites, and according to players, it gives the best odds against the house. Moreover, they don’t host casino games and sportsbooks but exclusively focus on providing extensive fantasy sports options:

  • Football – NFL, CFB, NCAA,
  • College Sports
  • Basketball – NBA
  • Baseball – MLB
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Hockey

ParlayPlay also aims to become one of the rare esports DFS sites, and allow users to create their own gaming teams. ParlayPlay launched in 2021, so it’s still a very young operator. This can be great for new players, who feel intimated by seasoned veterans on DraftKings and FanDuel.

Types of New Daily Fantasy Sports Sites & Games

dfs betting sitesThere are different sports to choose from in the DFS category, however, the core principles remain the same. You have a salary cap that needs to be used to create a viable team, by balancing offense and defense. However, you can choose to compete in different formats or types of competition.

  • H2H (Head to Head) – It’s a one-on-one match against another team, and whoever scores better wins the match and wins the money.
  • 50/50 (Double Up) – It’s a big competition with dozens of players. If your team finishes in the upper half, i.e. is better than 50% of other teams, your stake is nearly doubled. The bookie still takes a markup for hosting, so if you bet $10 you’ll get $19 for finishing in the top 50%.
  • Multipliers – It works in the same way as Double Up, only the multiplier is bigger. The multiplier does determine the qualification threshold. So if it’s 4x the stake then you need to finish in the top 25%, if it’s 10x the stake you need to finish in the top 10%.
  • Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP) – Players pay a fee to enter the competition, and each participant gets a guaranteed portion of the prize money regardless of their ranking.
  • Satellites/Qualifiers – Players can compete in smaller tournaments to win vouchers for bigger tournaments with better prize pools.

How to Choose Good DFS Sites

best rated dfs pay sitesThe way you pick your daily fantasy sports operator is very similar to how you would pick any gambling site. You would want to narrow down your search to top local providers, just like you would pick Michigan online gambling sites based on reviews and bonuses. You should also visit user forums and blogs to see how different players feel about that operator. If you are a beginner then you should get feedback from players who are at a similar level as you.

Basically, check if the operator is licensed in the US, check the available sports and types of bets, and check the promotions tab. If you find that everything is up to your standard and if users have a positive experience with that operator then go for it. You can also use our lists and rankings. We evaluate each operator in detail and give our overall impression of its pros and cons.

How to Play on DFS Betting Sites

daily fantasy sports sitesFind the Daily Fantasy Sports app or operator that you like and create an account. You can also look up some tutorials and tips on YouTube just to be sure you have everything figured out before you start to bet with real money.

  1. Pick a sport
  2. Pick the type of competition that you want
    • If you are new pick a competition with lower buy-in
  3. Craft your team and try to fully utilize the salary cap
  4. Start playing and wait for the results.

Common Sports on Most Popular DFS Sites

Currently, NFL is the most popular DFS, but there are lots of other options out there. The operators want to attract as many sports enthusiasts as possible, and that means additional options are necessary. Basically, all competitions that attract masses in the US and abroad are available as DFS:

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • UFC
  • MLB
  • NHL

As esports becomes more popular it will definitely work its way to a standard offer that is available on daily fantasy sports apps.

Available Payment Methods on Top Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

best daily fantasy sports sitesAnyone who plays in the US will find it incredibly convenient to make deposits and withdrawals on DFS websites. All of the commonly used payment methods are available:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal

There are no additional transfer fees for transactions, but there are limits to minimum and maximum deposits or withdrawals. This is usually between $5 and $10. Processing time for these payments can be up to 2 hours.


Are DFS sites Legal in the USA?
Yes, they are. In fact, this is the only form of online gambling that is legal in almost every state. The only exceptions are Washington, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and Nevada.
Is Playing On Good DFS Sites Considered Gambling?
The law does not define this form of entertainment as gambling. In most states, they are treated as legal games of skill.
What Is the Minimum Age Required to Play On Top Daily Sports Fantasy Sites?
You need to be at least 18 in order to play daily fantasy sports, even if state law recognizes it as a legal game of skill.
What Are the Best Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Sites?
DraftKings and FanDuel are considered industry leaders, but there are other great sites out there. ParlayPlay, PrizePicks, and Underdog Fantasy are all solid choices.
Can You Play on Multiple Best Rated DFS Pay Sites?
Yes, you can, all you need is an account on each specific website. Many players switch operators if they find that the competition is too tight.
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