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Written by Paul Parish
Updated Jun 15, 2024

Online baccarat is one of the most popular casino table games that is simple and fun. One of the big reasons to play is the low house edge compared to other table games. Therefore, you have a higher chance of winning in the long term. However, you still need to consider the house edge for the specific Baccarat online casino you’re playing at.

In this article we will share the best online baccarat tips, the rules and answer commonly asked questions. You’ll figure out what you need to know before you start playing baccarat at your online casino games baccarat of choice.

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    Online Casino Baccarat Rules

    online baccarat casinoThe game is simple and that’s one of the attractions – especially for players new to casino games. Before a hand starts players must place bets. The player can wager that the banker will win, player will win or that it will be a tie. Here are the winning odds for those bet types:

    • Tie: 14.36%
    • Banker: 1.06%
    • Player: 1.24%

    You can also place baccarat casino online bets on all 3 if you wish. You can mix up the strategy by varying the different bet sizes. Next, two cards are dealt for the player and banker. The objective when you play baccarat online is to get a score of 9, or more than the banker. If you get a higher score than 9 then you go back to 0. When both, the banker and player get more than 9 points further cards will be deal to decide the winner.

    Different Types of Baccarat Casinos Games

    Baccarat for Free

    Baccarat for Free

    Baccarat for Real Money

    Baccarat for Real Money

    Baccarat Casino Game Online Terminology

    baccarat casinoIt is important to understand the terminology that’s used when playing baccarat. It will allow you to understand the betting options, the rules and what’s going on. Here is a list of the common terms:

    • Banco: the banker can also be called banco.
    • House edge: this refers to the margin that the house has to ensure they win over the long term. Every game has a house edge or rake to ensure that the casino makes a profit.
    • Face cards: these are cards with a face and they include a king, queen or jack.
    • Natural: this is when the banker or player gets dealt a total that’s an 8 or 9.
    • Banker: this is the dealer.
    • Baccarat: The term baccarat is the name of the game, but it also describes the situation when a hand goes to 0 because it has acquired more than 10 points.

    Baccarat Gambling Online Bonuses

    baccarat bonus onlineYou can increase your chances of winning by looking out for baccarat bonuses. They will reward you with extra winnings when you play real money casinos. Here are the most common type of bonuses that you can find:

    • Welcome bonus: online casino websites work hard to attract new players so they offer excellent welcome bonuses. A first deposit bonus is the most common type where you will get a bonus balance to unlock based on the amount that you have deposited.
    • Reload bonus: casinos want to keep you coming back for more so they offer a reload bonus. You will receive a matched bonus amount based on the deposit amount. In most cases, the reload bonus is not of the same quality as the welcome one.
    • No deposit bonus: some baccarat online casinos offer a no deposit bonus. Therefore, you will receive real money to play without having to get out your credit card and make a deposit. However, the size of these no deposit bonuses is typically low so don’t expect to receive much.
    • Match bonus: A matched bonus gives you a bonus balance based on the amount that you deposit. 100% matched bonuses give you a bonus equal to the amount you deposit. However, a 100% matched bonus gives you double the deposited amount.

    Online Baccarat Gambling Tips

    baccarat casinos online usaIt’s a good idea to learn a few of the top strategies that you’ll need to use to increase your chances of winning. The strategies in this section are easy to implement and even new players can try.

    • 1-3-2-4: This strategy is based on the idea that when you lose you should increase the size of your bets to cover the losses. When the numbers are small you will be within your bankroll and it shouldn’t be a problem. However, then the bet sizes get large, then you run the risk of having to bet too much.
    • One sided: bet on either the banker or player every time. It’s a simple strategy that beginners can use. You can mix up the one sided strategy by betting 10 times in a row on one side and 10 times on the other.
    • Paroli: It’s another simple strategy where you increase the size of the bets as you win. When you lose, the bet size should go back to the original size.


    🤔 Can I play baccarat games online with live dealers?
    Some casinos offer the option of playing the live dealer option. This allows you to see the dealer when they are dealing the cards. It’s an interactive and fun way of enjoying the game.
    🎁 Can I use baccarat game online bonuses?
    It depends on the online baccarat game casino that you are playing at. Some casinos allow you to use their bonuses to place real money wagers on baccarat. Others might restrict the bonuses to games such as slots.
    💲 Can I win real money with baccarat?
    When playing baccarat online you can win money that you can later withdraw from the casino. You can play online baccarat and win real money at most casinos today.
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