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Online roulette is a classic game that is easy and provides many different betting options. You might have seen roulette at your local casino or in the movies. The game involves the use of a ball that spins on a wheel and will land on a number. Also, the numbers have a color associated, which is red or black, but there is also the rare green number 0.

In this article you’ll learn how to play roulette, the different variations and the features. It’s a good place to start for beginners that are interested to play roulette but don’t want to make a mistake. Continue reading to learn the online casino roulette basics.

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    Online Roulette USA Features to Understand

    online roulette casinoIn this section we will cover the different roulette games online features that you need to know before playing. They will help you understand how to place bets that you have a good chance to win.

    • Welcome online roulette bonus: Most casinos offer a welcome bonus when you sign up for a new account. Some bonuses may allow you to win extra money when wagering on the roulette online game. You will need to check with the casino promotion rules to determine if the bonus offer is applicable to the game of roulette.
    • Safety: the game should be safe to play, which means that the betting odds must be true. Most casino roulette online websites will use a third party service to check their games for legitimacy. When such a service gives their seal of approval that the game is fair, then you can trust the results. Look for this when choosing the best online casino for roulette.
    • Free and real money mode: most roulette casino online websites offer a real money and free money version. The free money version is there to learn the rules of the game and to try out a few strategies. Some online gambling websites even allow you to try out the free version without having to register for an account. It also gives you the chance to check out the quality of the software.
    • Mobile online roulette game: consider downloading the mobile app of the casino to see what their mobile gaming experience is like. Playing games while on the move on your smartphone is a practical and enjoyable experience. Most casinos offer mobile roulette functionality.
    • High RTP: roulette is considered as a high RTP game, which means you have a high chance of winning because the house rake is low. Other games have a lower RTP, so your odds of winning in the long run are lower.

    Best Online Roulette Games Variations

    online roulette usaThere are a variety of online roulette gambling games. Learning about the different options allows you to choose the one that is the most fun. Most variations have a bunch of similarities, so you need to pay attention to the details to tell the differences.

    • European roulette online casino: In this version of the game there is only a single β€œ0” green slot, whereas other versions have two of these. Therefore, the house edge is lower with this variation. Most online roulette offerings are the European version, but keep an eye out for differences.
    • American casino online roulette: With this version of roulette there are 2 β€œ0” on the wheel, which means the house edge is bigger compared with the European version. Most online casino websites in USA offer the European version, but some also will have the American one too.
    • French: The French version of roulette does not have any β€œ0” on the wheel, but it does have 2 additional rules called La Partage and En Prison.
    • Live: The live roulette refers to the leave dealer games section. Here a real person is the dealer and they are spinning a real wheel. It’s a more interactive form of roulette that tries to mimic the experience of going to a brick and mortar casino.

    Free Roulette

    Free Roulette

    Real Money Roulette

    Real Money Roulette

    Best Online Roulette Casino Tips

    online roulette casino tips to win real moneyIn this section we will explore a few of the tips that will help you win money at online roulette games. The tips are simple and many roulette players are using them right now to win real money.

    • Choose European roulette: because European roulette offers a lower house rake, it’s best to choose that version to play.
    • Outside bets: these bets are referring to red, black, even or odd numbers. They give you the best chance to win. Placing bets on specific number results in big payoffs but you need deep pockets when on a losing streak.
    • Bankroll management: try to avoid placing bets that are too big for your bankroll. Stick with bets that represent a small portion of your bankroll to avoid running out of funds.
    • Martingale system: this betting strategy involves placing double the bet when you lose so that you can get back your investment. However, you may quickly have to place bets that are much bigger than your available funds.


    ❓ What is required to enjoy online roulette games?
    You need to choose an online casino and register for an account. Then to play real money games you will need to make a deposit. Don’t forget to take advantage of bonus offers when making a deposit.
    πŸ† How can you win 100% in roulette online game?
    There is no way to guarantee that you will win money, but you can make sure that there is a payout. You can do this by placing wagers on all the possible outcomes. For example, if you place a bet on the black, red and green numbers, then you will trigger a payout.
    πŸ€” What online roulette bet has the highest winning chance?
    Placing wagers on the outside options such as odd, even, red or black gives you the best chance of winning. The chances are just under 50%, which is a good way of trying to clear a bonus wagering requirement.
    πŸ… What play roulette online bet results in biggest payout?
    The payout amount your receive depends on the bet size. You will need to bet more in order to receive a bigger payout. However, for a single bet you can increase the payout by looking at the multiplier. Single numbers have the highest multiplier and the value is 35x. The second biggest is 2 number combinations, which has a 17x payout.
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