Michigan Online Blackjack - 2024 Guide

Written by Tegan Woodward
Updated Mar 29, 2024

Michigan is home to a variety of casinos, ranging from small tribal gaming establishments to large commercial casinos like the MGM Grand Detroit and the MotorCity Casino Hotel. This means that there are plenty of options for players to choose from when it comes to finding a blackjack table that suits their preferences. Blackjack in Michigan is the availability of different variations of the game. Many casinos offer classic blackjack as well as variations like Spanish 21, Double Exposure, and Blackjack Switch. There are many who enjoy online gambling in Michigan because iconic games like blackjack are available on nearly every casino website. Michigan law requires that all casino games be fair and random, which means that players can trust that the outcomes of their blackjack games are determined solely by chance and fair skill.

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Can We Play Blackjack Online in Michigan Legally?

win money online michigan blackjackYes, according to the Michigan law on gambling, it is legal. Moreover, there are other states where real money online casinos are legal as well. You can also play on sweepstakes gambling sites. The blackjack game has been legal for the past 40 years in the United States, and it’s common in both commercial and tribal gambling establishments.

It’s important to note that you should limit yourself to licensed Michigan online casinos if you wish to play this game. These are all regulated sites where US consumer protection laws apply.

How to Play Blackjack Online in Michigan

play online blackjack michiganIn order to play online you will have to pick a gambling site and make an account. You should also take time to familiarize yourself with the rules. It would be wise to play a demo version of the game for free to get a sense of how it works.

You’ll also notice there are multiple versions of online blackjack games, and you should definitely study the rules of each game before playing. Minor variations in rules can play a huge role if you are trying to become a pro.

Live Dealer Blackjack In Michigan

The only version of the game you cannot try for free is live dealer blackjack. This is played in real-time and other real players can participate. Live casino content is more popular in general as it gives online players a more authentic casino experience, and allows them to socialize with other people. Moreover, live dealer blackjack is slower compared to a fully digital version. This means you can use it to practice card counting, a skill that every professional gambler needs.

Blackjack Rules In Michigan

michigan blackjack rulesIn a regular game, you will be dealt 2 cards, and depending on the rules these will be revealed face up or kept hidden face down. The same rules will apply to the dealer. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting a score that is as close as, but not over, 21. Face cards are scored as 10, Aces can be counted as either 1 or 11, and every other card is scored equal to its numeric value. So to get an instant win or 21 you need an Ace as well as a 10 or a face card.

Once you are dealt 2 cards add them together and decide whether you wish to stand (not receive additional cards) or hit (get another card) and add its value to your score. If you hit 21 at any point you win, If you don’t wish to stand then the dealer will have his turn and at the end of it, you compare the scores. Bear in mind that you get blackjack only if you have 21 with 2 cards. If you have 21 in total and the dealer has a blackjack then the dealer will win. The only way to tie against blackjack is to have blackjack.

Where to Play –  Best Online Blackjack Michigan Sites

There are lots of sites where you can play this game, but it’s important to choose wisely. Here we will talk about the best online blackjack sites in Michigan and the US in general.

Michigan CasinoDescription
Golden Nugget CasinoOne of the best operators in Michigan. Golden Nugget has a massive collection of slots, and they have a big welcome offer. Enter the PLAYBONUS code on your first deposit to get a 100% match on any $10 or above payment and 200 free spins.
BetMGMAn amazing site for both casino gamers and sports bettors. In addition to a generous first deposit bonus, users can also get $25 on sign-up without making any payments.
BetRiversA great site for bettors and casino enthusiasts. Once again there is a promo code that you can use on your first deposit to get bonus funds for gambling. BetRivers has a multi-tiered loyalty program which makes it a good choice for regular or frequent players.
WynnBETA famous brand that entered the MI gambling market quite recently. Once again there is a big sign up offer as well as an array of ongoing promotions. The operator has been endorsed by many celebrities and athletes, and it has users all over the US.

Real Money vs. Free Online Blackjack Michigan

real money blackjack michiganSince this is one of the rare casino games where skill truly matters, players are advised to take some time and practice in a free-to-play or demo mode. You can play for free on almost any casino website or app. Moreover, there are sites that don’t even require you to have an account in order to access demo mode.

When you play a demo you will have $1000 in your budget. That’s more than enough to learn how the game plays and to figure out how payouts work. According to the official rules whenever you hit blackjack, the payout should be 2 times your stake. As mentioned there are variations of this game and in those different rules, the payout structure could also be different. For example instead of payout 2/1 the blackjack payout can be 5/3.

Once you have a good grasp on the rules and how the game works you can start spending your real money. You will need to have funds in your account balance, and click on the “play” button when selecting a game, instead of the “demo” or “play for free” button.

Types of Online Blackjack Real Money Michigan Games

blackjack options in michiganIf you want to play this game casually, then definitely check out the different types of online blackjack.

  • American and European – Two very similar types of blackjack. In the American version, the dealer gets 2 cards at the start so the dealer can automatically win in some instances. In European, the dealer starts with one card face up and only takes his turn once the player decides to stand.
  • Unlimited – There can be multiple players at the table and all of them are playing against the dealer’s hand simultaneously. This is the ideal version for card counting, as the deck gets depleted faster and players can accurately assess their odds of winning.
  • Multihand – Players can play multiple hands at once. It’s a faster-paced version of the game.
  • Blackjack X-Change – In this version, you can pay to switch cards from your hand, or a dealer can pay to switch cards from your hand. It’s an option that drastically changes the flow of the game.
  • Live Dealer – A more authentic version and gameplay experience that mimics the atmosphere of an actual casino. You interact with the actual dealer through chat and camera. Even in live dealer, there are different versions of blackjack you can play.

Michigan Blackjack Tables Near You

michigan blackjack tablesIf you are looking for a great gameplay experience at casinos in Detroit, Michigan then there are some amazing options. Here are a few awesome land-based gambling establishments in Detroit as well as other cities in Michigan.

  • MGM Grand Detroit (1777 3rd Ave. Detroit, MI 48226) – If you like MGM’s app then you will definitely love this entertainment resort. You can sign up for a rewards card and unlock all sorts of VIP perks.
  • Gun Lake Casino (1123 129th Ave, Wayland, MI 49348) – Although you don’t see this operator online that often, they do have a mobile app. Also, there is a rewards program or a card where you can collect loyalty points. Even the land-based casinos have promos and special events, so make sure you check them out.
  • Turtle Creek Casino and Hotel (7741 M-72 East, Williamsburg, MI 49690) – A great place to stay, dine and play casino games. Turtle Creek is also partnered with Caesars Sportsbook and offers players sports betting options.

Available Bonuses at Blackjack Online Legal Michigan Sites

michigan blackjack bonusMost of the promotions in online casinos give players bonus funds or free spins that they can use on slots. That being said, there are a few bonuses players can use on blackjack. For some specific examples check out the list of Michigan casino bonus code offers. Here we will mainly talk about bonus types in general and explain how they work.

  • Deposit Match Bonuses – These are common bonuses and in most cases, deposit match promo is a part of sign-up offer. There are also reload bonuses that give between 20%-50% match on a deposit. Players who get these bonus funds are typically allowed to use them as they see fit. which means they can play blackjack.
  • Play It Again Day – Some operators don’t exactly give you a match on the deposit but rather give you a refund. Play it Again offer usually implies you can spend money on your first day as a member, and if you don’t win anything, you get a full refund. The funds will be in your casino balance, so you can’t withdraw them back you can just use them to gamble again.
  • No Deposit Bonus – One of the most exciting promotions out there is a no-deposit bonus. You automatically get a small amount of bonus funds that you can use and you can even withdraw your winnings, so long as you meet the requirements in bonus terms. It’s a rare opportunity to gamble risk-free, so many players love this offer.

Odds and House Edge on Blackjack

blackjack oddsOne of the reasons why online blackjack is so popular is due to a low house edge. The odds are around 2% in the casino’s favor, in the regular or classic version of the game. However, unlike in other games players can use strategy to lower the house edge, and consistently beat casinos.
Of course, it takes a significant amount of rounds to penetrate the deck and consistently guess the outcomes. Many players simply spectate games before they join, which is something regular casinos don’t like. So, if you are trying to count cards by spectating the game the staff at the casino can deny you the opportunity to play at that table.


✔️ Is Online Blackjack Legal in Michigan?
Yes, it is. Real money online casino games have been legal in Michigan since 2019. The first mobile app and site started to launch in January 2021.
🤔 How Old Do I Need to Be to Play Blackjack Online in Michigan?
You need to be at least 21 in order to make an account on a licensed website and play.
❓ How Do I Register to Start Playing Online Blackjack?
Pick one of the sites that is suggested in our reviews, because we only recommend safe and licensed operators. Click on a “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button and populate the sign-up form. You will likely have to verify the account via email and if there isn’t any no deposit bonus offer you will need to fund the account in order to play. Alternatively, you can just play a demo version of Blackjack for free, and in some cases, you don’t even have to make an account to do this.
💲 How Do Odds Work When Playing Real Money Blackjack Online?
The odds when you play are pretty static. They only change depending on the game variation, but these are insignificant changes that you will hardly notice. If you are using a perfect blackjack strategy, which is a guide you can find online, your win rate will be around 50%.
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