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Written by Paul Parish
Updated Apr 26, 2024

Atlantic City’s casino industry has been bouncing back from the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw lockdown hit many industries dependent on people going out. In 2021, the industry surpassed $4 billion in gross revenue for the first time since 2008, owing to more people gambling online in New Jersey and the introduction of sportsbooks.

The return has seen casino jobs in Atlantic City make a comeback. In 2023, we explore what you can expect in the market.

Let’s start with the types of jobs typically available.

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    What are Some of the Casino Jobs in Atlantic City?

    Before we get into the casino jobs in Atlantic City, it is worth knowing what jobs there are, what you are required to have to qualify, and even ballpark the salaries for each position.

    Here are some of the jobs and what they entail to give you a broad map of Atlantic City casino job types and what they typically entail:

    Table Games Dealers

    Table Games DealersTable game dealers operate table games, including poker, baccarat, craps, roulette, blackjack and more. As a table games dealer, you are required to:

    • Deal cards and manage bets for players on table games.
    • Follow the rules of each game and ensure the play is fair.
    • Interact with players and provide them with a good customer service experience.
    • Handle money and casino chips to keep track of game results.
    • Report disputes or irregularities to the floor manager and more.

    To become a table games dealer, you will need to have the following:

    • A high school diploma or its equivalent
    • A certificate showing you completed an accredited dealer course and have training or experience
    • A casino employee license or registration from New Jersey’s gaming authority
    • Interpersonal, math, and communication skills.
    • The ability to work in a stressful or fast-paced environment.
    • The ability to work flexible hours and stand for long periods of time.

    According to, the average salary for a table games dealer in Atlantic City, NJ, is $23.43 as of June 2023.

    Slot Machine Technicians

    Slot Machine TechniciansSlot machine technicians work in a casino and are tasked with maintaining, repairing, and installing slot machines and other related gaming equipment. As a slot machine technician, you will likey be required to:

    • Inspect and troubleshoot all slot machines and gaming equipment regularly.
    • Follow the rules governing compliance with industry regulations and standards.
    • Interact with customers in a way that furthers the casino’s customer service goals.
    • Help keep the slot machine area clean and maintained regarding the machine’s installation, repair, or maintenance.
    • Report irregularities in slot machines to the state regulatory body or relevant authorities.

    To become a slot machine technician, you must have the following:

    • A high school diploma or equivalent
    • A certificate showing completion of an accredited technical school program or experience in the industry.
    • A casino employee registration or license from the state gaming authority.
    • The ability to lift heavy objects and work flexible hours.
    • Good communication, interpersonal, and technical skills.

    A slot technician in Atlantic City, NJ, according to in June 2023, earns $28 per hour.

    Security Personnel

    Security PersonnelSecurity personnel in a casino are tasked with ensuring the guests, employee, and property is safe. The main duties you may be expected to carry out include:

    • Enforcing the security and safety policies implemented by the company.
    • Patrolling and monitoring the property and gaming areas.
    • Responding to incidents or emergencies and helping resolve them.
    • Assisting employees or players with security and safety issues.
    • Reporting irregularities or violations to floor managers/supervisors.
    • Assisting with transferring money and chips from the main cage to the change booth
    • Operating motorized vehicles when needed.

    To become part of the security personnel, you will need the following:

    • A high school diploma or equivalent
    • A casino employee’s registration or license from the state gaming authority.
    • A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record.
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
    • The ability to work in a fast-paced and sometimes stressful environment.
    • The ability to stand for long periods regardless of the weather.
    • CPR certification or the ability to get CPR certification.

    The average salary for security personnel in 2023, according to, is $15.51 to $15.88 per hour.

    Food and Beverage Servers

    Food and Beverage ServersFood and beverage servers work in a casino to serve food and drinks to the guests in outlets that include lounges, gaming areas, bars, and restaurants. Food and beverage servers are usually tasked with:

    • Taking orders and delivering beverages and food to casino guests.
    • Following the menu, food preparation, and ingredients knowledge to address guests with food allergy concerns or questions.
    • Providing a great customer service experience.
    • Handling money and casino chips and processing payments.
    • Reporting issues or complaints to the manager.
    • Helping keep the dining and serving areas clean.

    To qualify or be considered for the server role, you will need the following:

    • A high school diploma or equivalent.
    • A casino employee registration or license from the state gaming authority.
    • Relevant certification for the job, including completing a food safety certification program or the ability to complete one.
    • The ability to stand and walk for long periods, regardless of weather conditions.

    According to, the average salary for a food and beverage server in Atlantic City, NJ, in 2023 starts from $20.83 per hour. The rate may vary depending on the casino, the outlet, the shift you get, and the tips.

    Hotel Staff

    Hotel StaffHotel staff in Atlantic City casinos typically work to provide services and amenities to guests who stay in the hotel rooms and suites. As hotel staff, you are expected to:

    • Check guests in and out and process payments and reservations.
    • Provide information and help to guests regarding hotel activities, services, and facilities.
    • Clean and maintain the hotel rooms and public areas according to hotel policy.
    • Delivering items and requests to the guests, including room service, towels, toiletries, and anything else the hotel offers.
    • Handling parking services and luggage for the guests.
    • Reporting any issues or complaints to the manager.

    To qualify for the post, you typically need the following:

    • A high school diploma or equivalent.
    • Good interpersonal skills.
    • Registration or licensing to work in a casino, depending on your role.
    • The ability to accommodate reasonable dynamic requests.
    • The ability to stand and walk for long periods regardless of the weather conditions.

    According to, the average salary for hotel staff can range from $14 to $34, depending on the role.


    You won’t always need a license or casino employee number to work in a New Jersey casino. Generally, you are required to have it depending on your job. Non-management jobs that do not come into contact with gaming activity, even when the employee is required to go into the casino typically do not require a license. If you are unsure when you need one, you can always inquire to know more.

    Most of these salaries are averages that cover a variety of roles in broad categories and may differ depending on your role.

    Tips To Remember When Apply For a Casino Job in Atlantic City

    Casino Job in Atlantic City

    When applying for a job, it helps to know what to expect so you can prepare. Here are some tips to help you through the job application process:

    • Research the different casinos in the area and their hiring processes. Find out where the job vacancies are and what the job typically requires. Each job may have different requirements for skill, experience, qualification, etc.
    • Creating a strong resume and cover letter highlighting relevant experience and skills. Your emphasis should focus on what you can bring to the table to address the job’s requirements. It shows how suitable you’d be if hired.
    • Attend job fairs or networking events hosted by casinos to learn more about the opportunities in the industry and find out what the industry looks for in an employee in any role you want.
    • Prepare for interviews and demonstrate a customer service-oriented attitude. The entire business is based on ensuring customers have a great experience, so good interpersonal skills that work well in a customer service environment are important to employers.

    Depending on the role you want to apply for, you should check with the casino and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement whether you need a license or registration.

    Active Vacancies in Mid-2023

    In mid-2023, this is our list of Atlantic City Casinos with active vacancies that you can check out and to show you the diverse roles found in the industry:

    Resorts Casino Atlantic City Jobs

    • Security Officer
    • Call Center Representative
    • Dir Ops & Customer Experience

    Ocean Casino Jobs Atlantic City

    • Casino Host
    • Bellperson
    • SVP Finance/CFO

    Tropicana Casino Atlantic City Hobs

    • Surveillance Officer- Full-Time
    • Casino Cashier II- Part Time
    • Slot Attendant – Part Time

    Harrah’s Casino Jobs in Atlantic, NJ

    • Casino Cleaner- Full Time
    • Security Officer- Full Time
    • Lounge Server- Full Time

    Golden Nugget Casino Atlantic City Jobs

    • Food Server- Michael Patrick’s (Seasonal)
    • Casino Supervisor (Part-Time)
    • Casino Cage Cashier Supervisor

    Bally’s Casino Atlantic City Jobs

    • Attendant (Guest room)
    • Controller- Operations
    • Bartender- Front & Service Bar

    Hard Rock Casino Jobs Atlantic City

    • Security Officer (Seasonal)
    • Specialty Host- Council Oak
    • Prep Cook

    As seen in the vacancies available, the jobs are diverse and found in many of the premier casinos you have heard about. It’s not just live casinos, but also NJ online casinos looking for workers. Some of the postings we say for this include:

    • Evolution- iGaming Casino Surveillance job
    • Evolution- Night Shift Supervisor (Online Casino Gaming- Entry Level)

    With preparation, you can apply to and interview for one of these jobs and start working at one of the Atlantic City casinos.

    FAQ about Atlantic City Casino Jobs

    👩🏻‍🍳 How can I find and apply for casino jobs in Atlantic City?
    Casino jobs in Atlantic City can be found and applied online or in person. You can find job postings and application forms on the websites run by these casinos or on LinkedIn. You can also go to websites like, which collect casino jobs from various sources, including data on average salaries. You can also go to casinos in person and enquire about vacancies and what it takes to apply.
    🤓 How old must you be to work in an Atlantic City casino?
    You must be 18 or older to work in a casino in Atlantic City.
    👌 What are the benefits and drawbacks of working in a casino?
    PROS: 1. A dynamic and diverse work environment where you can learn new skills and meet new people. 2. A flexible work schedule that suits one’s preferences. 3. Opportunities to grow within the casino industry. 4. Competitive pay and benefits vary according to roles, including bonuses, tops, paid time off, and health insurance. CONS: 1. Stressful and demanding situations like customer complaints, security issues, disputes, irregularities and emergencies. 2. Strict rules and regulations govern casinos and may always be stressful to follow. 3. Hazardous environments may expose you to bright lights, excessive noise, secondhand smoke, and sometimes hectic crowds. 4. You may face ethical dilemmas that challenge your personal values and beliefs, given the often rowdy nature of casinos.
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